The Chronicles of a Witty Observer

The Traditional Introductory Post (Bear With Me)

Every blog has an introductory post, introducing the author and slowly easing the reader into his/her thought processes. And here’s mine…

The first thing you should know about me is I’m just your average anomaly. I don’t like following the mainstream, but as a result, I follow an alternative mainstream that blatantly refuses to follow the lead mainstream. I stand out to those who know me, invoke questions of ‘Why?’ ‘Who?’ and ‘What for?’ out of those who don’t, and have a tragic addiction to daydreaming.

I’m a very special brand of ‘nerd,’ if you permit me to use the term. I watch more British television than American. I can list all eleven actors who have portrayed The Doctor to date. Yet I cannot hold my own at 9 out of 10 video games. I can answer all of your Harry Potter-related questions, yet have never managed to stay awake during any of the three Lord of the Rings films. I dress and think  like a Bohemian college student, but have ambitions that are pretty conventional and result in a very straight-laced lifestyle.

Hence, the average anomaly. I am, as Anne Frank once referred to it, ‘A walking bundle of contradictions.’

I’m also very passionate. Very few controversial issues hold a middle-ground stance in my mind. I will argue my cause to death and beyond. I have been called a ‘future vigilante’ by some of my closer friends. Vigilante? Maybe so, maybe not. But I do have a rather extensive sense of equality and justice. I’d be perfect for the job of 21st Century Robin Hood, if such a position was ever made necessary. I view humanity at it’s most common denominator: we are homo sapiens. A single species with a plethora of differences to flaunt. Prejudices and inequalities are just excuses for the insecure to put themselves up on a pedestal.

So, that was the Sparknotes version of who I am, and that will do for now.

Welcome to my world, and for your own safety, keep your wits about you.



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