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Brotherhood And Sibling Rivalry Featured at On Sunday Night Football

 INDIANAPOLIS- Once every four years, two of the most famed quarterbacks in the NFL go head-to-head in what is known now as the ‘Manning Bowl.’ Why is it called ‘The Manning Bowl?’ Because the two quarterbacks are brothers Eli Manning of the New York Giants, and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. Both Mannings are sons of former New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning and his wife, Olivia.

In 2006, Peyton Manning won the XLI Super Bowl and the MVP Award for that year, after beating the Chicago Bears. The following year, it was Eli’s turn to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the same MVP Award for ousting the until-then undefeated New England Patriots, causing one of the biggest upsets in NFL history his freshman year as a quarterback.

Last year, Peyton had the chance to take back the Super Bowl title when the Colts once again made it to the championship game. However, they were ousted by the New Orleans Saints. Currently, both men are tied at 132 career wins.

The Giants and the Colts met in Indiana Sunday night for a showdown between brothers and teams, with their father Archie in attendance. In the first quarter, it seemed like it would be a close game. However, by the end, the Colts pummeled the Giants 38-14 with some stellar defense right out of the gate, forcing two fumbles that gave the Colts 14 of their eventual 38 points. The Giants scored once in the third quarter and once in the fourth.  But, by then, it was too late, and the game was all but over.

Eli avoided all but one sacking attempt, while Peyton’s offense was seemingly unstoppable throughout the night. After halftime, the Colts blazed through the game and gave the Giants only one scoring drive.

The Colts were previously 0-1 and the Giants 1-0. Next week, the Giants face off against the Tennessee Titans, and the Colts head to Denver to take on the Broncos.

Peyton Manning declined a post-game interview with NBC, a strange habit for him, out of respect for his little brother’s defeat. Both brothers met briefly both before and after the game, and nodded at each other politely as the clock ran down. Allegedly, Archie visited Eli in the locker room after the game to offer consolation and advice.

When asked what it’s like to have sons on opposing sides of a game, Archie Manning replied to NBC, “I don’t know, it’s tough.”

The Mannings have an older brother, Cooper Manning, who could not take the same route as his siblings due to a spinal condition. He is rarely seen at football games. A

Both of the Manning brothers reached fame outside of the NFL by starring in several commercials, some featured both brothers together. They have also hosted Saturday Night Live at least once each to great reviews. Their charisma and popularity has brought a lot of attention to the Manning NFL dynasty since Eli’s drafting in 2007.


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