The Chronicles of a Witty Observer

The View from The Cubicle: Introduction

There should be an entire science devoted to office life. And that’s not sarcasm, I totally mean it.

As a full-time intern for the month of January for what will remain an unnamed corporation, I have witnessed a lot of little strange happenings in my three-weeks thus far. What will I see in my three weeks to come? Let’s fine out together, shall we?

I’m well aware this sounds like a boring parody of the feature article in a  National Geographic. When people think ‘cubicle’ they will sooner picture a solitary hold in Shawshank before the generous space I use in my day-to-day operations for the company (which will henceforth be referred to as ‘The Corp’ for the sake of anonymity and the fact that I can’t afford to have them upset with me if I say something off-color).

But, in reality, the sociology behind the desk and around the Keurig (because water-coolers are SO passe) are almost as in-depth as the sociology of a school or a public space. It’s amazing the cliques that form, the conversations that go on, and the unsaid rules that apply in both dress and manner. The plethora of cutthroat employees and militant executives runs rampant…and I’m here to give you the official untold story of the standard office experience.

I’ve lived it, and now you must suffer alongside me.

I’m dividing this mini-series into several posts, to be divided by the ‘four quarters’ of the day:

A: The First Hour
B: The Pre-Lunch Slump
C: Lunchtime/Early Afternoon
D: The Last Hour

So strap yourself to your awesome swively-chair and hang on to your timesheets, kids! It’s going to be one fascinating ride. This I promise.


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