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Coat Hangers United for Justice!

I get more news from Facebook postings than I do on my daily tryst to Many of my friends are, fortunately, just as politically savvy and up-to-date as I am, and I’ll frequently see articles from various news sites on my feed when I log in.  Sometimes I really regret what I see. Like right now.

Apparently, there’s a movement in the Mount Rushmore State (South Dakota for all you who never made it past fifth grade…kinda like many of the people I’m telling you about now) to make the manslaughter of abortion providers ‘justifiable homicide.’ This, in short, would essentially make it perfectly okay for any fanatic to walk into an abortion clinic, shank himself some doctors, and go along his merry way to the McDonald’s across the street.

I seriously thought this was an article from The Onion before I clicked on it. I hoped it was.

It wasn’t.

I even googled AND wikipedia’d the website to make sure it was a legitimate website.

It was.

This bill, according to the article, has a sponsor already and has been called a ‘self-defense bill’ on behalf of the unborn. Apparently, Phil Jenson, the sponsor, believes the murder of an abortion provider is perfectly fine because it ‘prevents harm to the fetus in the end.’

So, let me get this one straight, Mr. Jenson. It’s fine to murder a person who is doing their job and has been living, breathing, existing, voting, and paying their taxes to assholes like you for presumably at least 25-30 years in order to protect the ‘life’ of what biologically is still a parasite.

Before I even get into the meat of this one, may I just mention that South Dakota has already rejected abortion bans statewide TWICE? By at least 10-point margins each time it’s come up? You clearly represent the majority in your state, sir. How the hell are you still there?

I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, straight-up slaughter their asses.

I’m not going to go on about at what point a fetus is ‘alive’ within the uterus and therefore deserves protection/rights. That argument has been done to death by pro-choicers and I’ll run out of energy typing it out.

My proposed argument is, regardless of the age of the fetus, regardless of how the little cluster of cell tissue came to be or whether or not it will be raised a fundamentalist Christian (or whatever you extremist pro-life weirdoes make your case as nowadays), it doesn’t matter.

What does is that you lot are all going off the deep end by proposing that murdering innocent human adults legal.

In what fucked-up universe does the prevention of what may or may not be ‘infanticide’ justify flat-out homicide? Why now does The Minority Report come to mind?

Look, you nutter-butters can believe what you want about abortion and who has rights and who doesn’t. I know some very well-rounded pro-life people who intelligently make their cases, and even though I disagree with them, they do have the right to say and stand up for what they believe is right. I also know people who are pro-choice in the political arena but pro-life in their personal world. I can tolerate anyone who has different views than mine as long as they (A) don’t try to convert me, or (B) take their beliefs to ‘the next level.’

This isn’t taking pro-life activism to the next level. This is taking it up and out of the entire building and dropping it from a height of 20,000 feet above sea level.

In fact, why do you even call this a ‘pro-life’ bill to begin with? Proposing the legalization of doctor-murder is about as anti-life as a Jonestown pow-wow. MURDER IN ANY SENSE SHOULD NOT BE LABELLED AS ‘PRO-LIFE.

My new theory after seeing this article and proposed bill is that abortion rights are just an excuse by Fundamentalist Christians to shout their unintelligible gibberish just a little bit louder.

It also allows Fundies to guiltlessly partake in the glorious wonder that is bondage.

These people call themselves ‘Christians’ but they have about as much heart as a Dalek fleet…and a thousandth of the intelligence. I haven’t found the passage in the Bible where is said that Jesus told his apostles to go forth and kill–yeah, I don’t even need to add ‘abortion doctors’ to the end of that. It’s no longer just about saving babies, it’s about asserting power, and these people clearly want it so much that they’re essentially proposing  playing God with the lives of college-educated men and women with families. Are they THAT threatened by…well…anyone who doesn’t feed off of their own dogma? You’re threatening LIVES. Already-born LIVES.

Taking it from YOUR point-of-view, only giving it the ironic-but-true twist that only I could do: you’re no better than the baby-killers themselves. In fact, you’re worse. But they light of God is shining too brightly in your eyes that it’s blinding you to that big fat ‘DUH!’

It’s all about Machiavellian power now for you all, isn’t it? Striking fear into the liberals’ hearts and minds. You don’t really care about any unborn babies this might save. And, if logic serves me right, which is always does, it won’t save many. It will more than likely run the abortion doctors out of state for sure. But they’ll simply move out towards the coasts where they can continue to practice WITHOUT the fear of being lynched KKK-style.

My father is straight-up pro-life, and I have the feeling even he would call this utterly ridiculous. Why do we let fucktards like Phil Jenson represent us in government again?!

Oh, right, we don’t. South Dakota did. Well, God love ‘em. I think I even heard Forrest Gump do a facepalm there.


2 responses

  1. alanah

    Phone Numbers
    Home 605-343-1335
    Capitol 605-209-7404
    Business 605-343-1335

    Rep Jensen’s telephone numbers…CALL HIM!

    February 15, 2011 at 5:39 pm

  2. NMSSCP302A

    The life of a breathing human vs. potential life…yeah I choice the breathing human over the potential human even though I’m pro-life personally (pro-choice politically, not my choice on what you do with your body). There is no garentee the potential life in a woman will become life itself due to an insane amount of reasons. The abortion doctor already lives! He/she’s a member of society and killing him/her will not fix any problems…it will casue mass chaos in the streets as the pro-choice and pro-life people duke it out. This bill could cause MORE death than just the Dr. This could get ugly if it ever passed (which I doubt…murder is still murder) and I would not hesitate to take the 30 min trip to Canada and staying if this keeps up!

    February 15, 2011 at 6:48 pm

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