The Chronicles of a Witty Observer

To my Humble Readers…

First, to everyone who reads this even on a semi-regular basis or once in awhile, I thank you for taking the time to read my posts. The hits have significantly increased over the past month, and while I’m not sure why, I know they can’t ALL be spam-hits…right?

That does mean a lot to me, so thank you.

Second, because I know some of the average-40+ hits-per-day have to be real people who either stumble on or semi-regularly read my blogging adventures, I’d like to know what YOU want to see my write/rant about. Feel free to leave comments anywhere on the blog, and I’ll take your requests into consideration. These suggestions may include topics you want to see me discuss, movies and/or books you want me to review, or something of the like. I want to know I’m actually interesting you guys with my stuff. What better way than to actually get your comments/advice and use them to improve the site?

Thirdly, thank you again! I won’t post for the rest of this weekend as I have a lot of work to do, but next week I’ll be back for sure!

Lovingly Yours, Me.


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